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With over ten years of combined experience, our team is here to serve you


Evaluate Property

The property management team will thoroughly assess your property and inform you of the requirements necessary to bring it to a rentable condition. If there are things that need to be addressed pertaining to repairs and safety matters, the team will note this and offer some suggestions to help you prepare your property for presentation to the market.


Sign the Management Agreement

As soon as the evaluation has been completed, a management agreement will then be drafted. This document outlines all the terms and conditions of our work as property managers for you.


Advertise & market your property

Once your property has been evaluated, repaired and all necessary preparations and requirements are in place, the marketing team now takes the lead. Your property will be entered into the Multiple Listing Service for immediate exposure to over its 400 members located in Guam and the world over. Advertising to several notable publications and other effective advertising tools will be employed.


Schedule tenants move in/out

A move-in inspection report is usually prepared at move-in, where the property is thoroughly inspected and documented by both the property management team and the tenant. This will have a detailed response to the property condition at start of his tenancy. In the same manner, a move-out report is created to compare and determine any damages to be repaired by the tenant.


Collect payments

The property managers are responsible for collecting regular monthly rents, late payments and other fees related to the lease terms.


Issue necessary work orders & schedule repairs

As soon as work orders are issued, repairs are scheduled accordingly. Completed work is then inspected by the property management team prior to settling their fees. It should be noted that all repair work, except for emergency cases, is subject to the property owner’s approval, especially if the quotes exceed the ceiling amount established at the beginning of the management agreement.


Secure necessary licensing requirements

All rental properties in Guam require a business license. The property management team is well informed of these requirements and the licensing process and will be able to guide you every step of the way.

Myrna Loughery

Review lease offers & tenant screening

As soon as your property has hit the market, a lease offer from various interested potential tenants will come in. Together with the property management team, we will negotiate the terms and conditions to come up with a final executed lease. At the same time, a process is in place to check that all the information provided by the potential tenant on their applications are verified and to ensure the protection of both the owner and potential tenant. When all conditions are agreed upon and all paperwork is verified, the lease contract is drafted and signed by both parties.


Communicate with tenants

All tenant communications, including the schedule of repairs and handling of other issues are part of the property manager’s responsibilities and documented for tracking purposes.


Communicate with owner

Monthly detailed reports are issued to the owner showing financial statements that reflect all income and expense activities related to your property. Along with any repairs needed that exceed an agreed amount to obtain approval prior to repair.


Recommend property upgrades

Property managers will make recommendations for any upgrades to properties, depending on market conditions.

We do the work. We handle all the paperwork, lease renewals, repairs, upgrades and cleaning.

  • We set up and attend the inspections with Military Housing Offices as needed.
  • Easy Collection of Rent. We will handle collection of your rent and provide you with a monthly financial report, so you will be able to keep track of your earnings.
  • Tenant Retention. We are responsive to the needs of your tenants to keep them happy and occupying your property. Tenants will have our Property Manager’s phone number providing them 24 hour access to address any concern or emergency that may occur.
  • Maximize Income. At the end of every lease, we will carefully evaluate the current market to ensure your rental property brings you maximum income.
  • Tenant Screening. We will carefully evaluate prospective tenants. The final decision is always yours.

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